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Friday, January 13, 2017

A nice RAW anecdote

Robert Anton Wilson's drinking buddy, at least in theory. 

Here's an anecdote from Robert Anton Wilson's Boswell, Los Angeles teacher and writer Eric Wagner, that made me smile:

"I remember talking with Bob once about having dinner with famous poets from history. I said I imagined Pound and Dante talking intensely about craft. Bob said he and Shakespeare would slip off to the bar."

The Kindle version of Eric's An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson is a rather reasonable $5.

Some literary Discordian numbers: April 23 is the date of Shakespeare's death and is traditionally listed as the date of his birth, and April 23 also is an important date in Illuminatus! April 23 is a motif in Ada by Vladimir Nabokov, a novel I've just finished reading. Ada is in five parts, so it conforms to the Law of Fives.


Eric Wagner said...

I find it interesting that both Cervantes and Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616.

Great work on your blog.

fyreflye said...

Aren't we waiting for the Hilaratis Press edition of "An Insiders Guide"? I thought it was next in line for publication.

Oz Fritz said...

We can see a reference to one of Shakespeare's most famous lines on the first page of Illuminatus!

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@fyreflye Next in line is "Email to the Universe," followed by "Coincidance." I believe New Falcon still owns "An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson," which, as it was written by Eric, is not part of the RAW estate.

fyreflye said...

Tom: thanks for clearing that up.