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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ted Hand calls out the trolls

Ted Hand (with Erik Davis). Facebook photo.

The Robert Anton Wilson Fans group on Facebook has many sincere RAW fans, but as in other corners of the Internet, it also seems to attract some trolls. Ted Hand posted Tuesday that he's had enough:

Cruelty has no place here. Old Bob was about compassion and empathy, and looking at every problem from multiple angles. Please don't post hate literature, including memes. I spoke at RAW's funeral and have been participating in the fan culture since the Usenet days, but I'm not going to hang around if this group becomes a cesspool of white supremacist and homophobic sloganry. Thanks to those who have already spoken out.

There's been a lot of commenting about Ted's posting, much of it favorable.


chas said...

Ultimately this is in Dan Clore's hands. It's his group. Fighting trolls is a noble task. It is also extremely time consuming.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Some of the commenters have suggesting moderating the comments. I'd be fine with that, but somebody would have to take on an awful lot of unpaid work.

Dan, by the way, endorsed Ted's posting.

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