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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cosmic Trigger reading group notes

Charles Faris

First of all, I want to thank Charles Faris for the wonderful job he did in leading the Cosmic Trigger online reading group discussion. He tackled each episode with diligence and insight. Consider, also, the all-star team he assembled of guest bloggers and interviewees: John Higgs, Adam Gorightly, Jack Sarfatti, Daisy Eris and Saul-Paul Sirag.

In the Week Thirty and last installment, Charles posted three comments, on 34 personalities in the book, on people in the book and on themes in Cosmic Trigger. I left them there, of course, but I wanted people to be able to easily find them, so I copied them to separate pages, turning them into appendices. All 30 installments of the discussion and three appendices are now archived as handy links on the top right of this page.

All online discussions held so far are archived here, so that if you like, you can read all or some of the entries as you read or re-read one of Robert Anton Wilson's books. There are discussions available for the Illuminatus! trilogy, Cosmic Trigger 1, Coincidance, Masks of the Illuminati and Quantum Psychology

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Eric Wagner said...

Tom, you have built up a great set of resources!