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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Daisy Campbell asks for help

Daisy Eris Campbell 

Daisy Eris Campbell has gone live with the new web site designed to aid the "pilgrimage" to Santa Cruz, Calif., next July, pointing to a July 23 performance of the Cosmic Trigger Play.

The site has an area where people can pledge help. Explanation:

So – here’s the plan. Should you dare to press the button marked PLEDGE, you will find a list of absolutely everything we need to make the full bells-and-whistles production. Can you bring tools, or costumes, or lights, or perform, or put one of us up – or bring us love on a Tuesday afternoon?

Listen, we’re coming anyway – a few of the hard apple core. We’ll be there the 13th-23rd July. So something will happen on July 23rd 2017, but on what scale of loveliness and magic, is entirely up to you. Will it be a read-through on the beach? Or will it be the fully costumed, lit, musically inspiring, Greatest Show on Planet World?

This may be a pretty good opportunity to find the others.

We believe that the period of 13th-23rd July in Santa Cruz may develop into a larger festival of Bob across the town. So if you’re planning any Bob-related fun, do consider bringing it to Santa Cruz over those ten days.

Hat tip, Nick Helweg-Larsen.


Rarebit Fiend said...

I'm trying to get some interest from those I know around these parts to go next Summer. I'm plum determined myself. I've tried to pledge to make the campaign for Melinda Gebbie's stunning artwork and I see that some of the pledges that should be open for multiple people aren't as of now. (Or maybe I'm just dum.)

Anyways, here's to hoping we can all make this work out.

Jason Pilley said...

Daisy Eris Campbell is a total parasite.