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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Synchronities and the land of Oz

When I read about Horus in Cosmic Trigger, it reminded me of the exhibition on ancient Egypt that I saw a few weeks ago at the Cleveland Museum of Art. I didn't photograph many of the objects exhibited there, but there was one statue I really liked. When I read the CT passage, I thought, "Wait a minute. That sounds familiar."

The falcon god Ra-Horakhty, whose name can be translated as "Ra-Horus of the two horizons," symbolizing the union of Ra and Horus. 

Oz Fritz is interested in synchronicities, too. See his new post, "Atomic Love Bomb and Other Synchronicities." 


Drew said...

There is an Oppenheimer that wrote an aritcle on Egyptian mouthbreeders in 19727, I thought that synchronicity was interesting since bombs that take out the confrontation building only kill the fish there, which happen to be those types of fish. Whether Wilson was aware of this article seems improbable. Sorry for the drive-by, only mildy relevant comment.

Drew said...

I looked up Oppenheimer's wiki (phycicist) his birthday is on April 22nd, 1904. 1904 is the year ulysses is set and 22nd of april is the day before tobias and malick set the bomb.

Dirtydiscordia said...

April 1904 was also the time that Aleister Crowley received / generated the Book Of The Law in Cairo, Egypt. If you remember, when Aiwass first channeled through his wife Rose he went to the Egyptian museum there to try and prove that it was a real entity and not an elaborate hoax on the part of his wife.

Drew said...

I have been mulling the oppenheimer-atomic-bomb-fish thing for ages. I can't for the life of me see what the joke or relevence is. The ulysses-crowly-egypitan thing just makes it even more complicated. Added to that the oblique allusion to fission chips and (the real spy) "tricycle". First comes the Bicycle then the Tricycle (hegelianism), and james bond double agent and and dobov (triple agent) comes together in fission chips who was born on august 6 1945 the day and year of the bombing of hiroshima.

Drew said...

Popov, sorry. He is the triple agen, otherwise known as tricycle. There are oblique references to loads of spys...Fedora etc

Oz Fritz said...

Thanks for the plug, Tom.

Drew, bringing up Oppenheimer, one of the 'fathers of the atom bomb,' seems quite relevant to me. Viewed from a qabalistic slant, a bomb that only kills mouthbreeder fish resonates strongly with the intention of my post.

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