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Friday, July 29, 2016

Auction planned of RAW personal items [UPDATED]

Christina Pearson in Moab, Utah 

UPDATE:  Above is the poster for the ill-fated UFO conference. Please see the comments. 

A bit of additional news from yesterday's RAW Trust email newsletter: Christina Pearson is planning a new auction of RAW items. Here's  Christina:

Recently, I have been going through boxes of my dad’s possessions that I put aside to be sorted after we moved here, and as a result have decided to auction off some interesting RAW memorabilia, shirts, and various odd and not-so-odd items. Why? Because People periodically ask me if they can have something of Bob’s, and because the income from the auction will help us move forward! And in opening the boxes, I realized, why should it all stay in boxes in my garage? Although I will admit I had a “moment,” a moment in which I suddenly missed my parents terribly – which was not expected, and overwhelmed me for a few minutes with the desire to not let anything go.

But doing this may bring others moments of joy, and perhaps even hilarity… For instance I have a never-worn tee-shirt that was given to Bob when he was a presenter at NUFOC 2001 (that’s National UFO Conference for those not “in the know”) where in small print under his name it introduces him as “Lord of the Illuminati!”

So keep your eyes peeled, as I have begun setting up the Ebay site. It should be up within 2 weeks or so, and Rasa and I will make sure to send out an announcement about it.

I'll let you know about the follow-up details.


Adam Gorightly said...

I actually worked as an intermediary getting RAW hooked up to speak at the 2001 NUFOC which was slated for Sept 14-16 in Austin, Tex at the Alamo Drafthouse, hosted by my friend SMiles Lewis. I had plane tickets to fly out to the event...however, the event never went down. Something called 9/11 happened and air traffic, as we all recall, was grounded for a number of days.

Apparently, NUFOC '01 got rescheduled for later that year at another location/state, but as I recall, RAW did not speak at the re-sceduled event, but I could be wrong about that.

Adam Gorightly said...

ELFIS said...

Gorightly is correct - the 38th annual conference was cancelled due to 911 and ...

"...the moniker of "38th annual" NUFOC has been transferred to/merged with Pat Marcatillio's prescheduled "Annual UFO/ET/Alien and Abduction Congress" in New Jersey, October 6th and 7th."

The archives for that ill-fated 2001 event are still here:

- SMiles

Adam Gorightly said...

Did you send RAW the Lord of Illuminati t-shirt SMiles?

ELFIS said...

Yep, as I said above ... the shirt featured the poster designed by Mack White and you can see by the illustration here it says "Lord of the Illuminati" under his name:

Adam Gorightly said...

Gotcha...I have a print of that very poster hanging on the wall of my office!