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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Illuminatus onstage — the Brian Aldiss connection

Brian Aldiss

Jeff Merrifield has published a doctoral paper on the British stage production of Illuminatus! and how it all came together. Here is one bit:

Ken Campbell is taken by Brian Aldiss to the World Science Fiction Convention and finds out what the ‘bifurcation of literature' really means. He finds that he likes the Science Fiction people.

Other interesting facts, too. His home page has other interesting stuff.

Brian Aldiss is a famous old science fiction writer. He has not enjoyed a huge following in the United States, but I've been reading him for years and like him very much.

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Anonymous said...

One influence on my username is the Aldiss blurb on several RAW books, “Here is genius with a Gee!” although I suspect irony.