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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Indiegogo campaign for book 'Discordian Problems'

An Indiegogo campaign has launched to publish the book Discordian Problems N. Nash Cage.

The screenshot, above, is from the promotional video for the book, posted at the Indiegogo page for the new title, which says,

Fnord University proudly presents the 'comic book-within-a-novel' #DiscordianProblems, a trippy tale about an intrepid, falsely-accused whistle-blower named Noam D. Bloom.  This post-911 meta-fiction lures reader into a bizarre matrix of superheroes, psychedelics, quantum physics, paranoia, surveillance, and the Occult.  

Presented as Bloom's military dossier detailing the surveillance of a mysterious group of occultists known only as 'The Discord Magi', #DiscordianProblems documents Bloom's slow decent into madness (or his ascension into Illumination. I mean, who the hell are we to tell you how to interpret what happens to the poor guy...)

#DiscordianProblems is broken down into 5 discrete sections; ESPionage, the MindFrick comic book, Discord Magick, No One Expects the American Inquisition, and The Celebrity Discordian Menace.