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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kevin Williamson on belief systems

Kevin Williamson 

In the middle of a column about libertarianism that I thought was correct in parts and a bit confused in places, Kevin Williamson writes some good sentences about belief systems:

The complexity of the real world exceeds what can be adequately addressed by our ideologies, and the variety of real human beings — and real human experience — means that there are real differences in basic, fundamental values. Most people do not want their values to be tolerated — they want their values to prevail. 

There'a also an archive of his columns (he is conservative but generally interesting).

Incidentally, I noticed that Twitter yesterday was an example of belief systems swinging into action. When news broke about the latest gun massacre in Munich,  my timeline was full of Tweets from leftist sure that the killer was a fascist, and Tweets from right wingers sure that he was an Islamist. Few people seemed to be willing to wait and see what the facts revealed. They were more interested in their imagined enemies than the "complexity of the real world."

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