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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Greetings from Cleveland and the RNC

These satirical signs were the most amusing thing I saw at the Republican National Convention Tuesday. When I asked what the group was, a young woman told me it's a show for Hulu. It's probably not a surprise that fake reality is better than the "real thing." My son says this may be a Kevin Smith project.


Eric Wagner said...

Samuel Beckett wrote a short play called "Ohio Impromptu" about his experience as Joyce's secretary during the composition of Finnegans Wake. Perhaps I should reread it to help me wrap my head around this convention.

fyreflye said...

NYT 7/21/16: "After his Trump-branded jet landed midafternoon, Mr. Trump flew in a Trump helicopter to a grassy patch near the convention arena — a theatrical projection of status captured by cable news cameras. Then, to the theme music from “Air Force One” — a film about a gutsy president who kills a terrorist with his bare hands — Mr. Trump alighted from the chopper to give Mr. Pence a handshake and kiss his daughters."

Being more a visually oriented person I can't help but recall Leni Riefenstahl's filmed images of Hitler's plane descending through the clouds as he prepared to address the 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg, which was attended by more than 700,000 Nazi supporters. Funny how images like that can persist in memory.