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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday links

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who wrote, “Confessions Of An Angst-Ridden Sailor Who Took Out His Emotions On The Wrong Bird” 

"She decided to give clickbait titles to famous poems. You won't believe what happened next."

The despair of choosing Clinton or Trump.

House Bill 523, medical marijuana legalized in Ohio. Looks like it will be tightly regulated.

The fluidity of gender. 

The left, Greece, and The Big Lie.

Jesse Walker on violence against Trump supporters. 


chas said...

Nice set of links, Tom. I enjoyed your piece.

chas said...

Tom--I read that piece by Scott Sumner and was unimpressed. He parsed one tiny fragment of a very large equation and ignored everything that might call his conclusions into doubt. He uses the term neoliberal quite...liberally...and yet states that the phrase right now is essentially meaningless. He claims that the most successful economies in the world are neoliberal, and doesn't define what makes an economy "successful," simply ignoring the pain and squalor and just plain economic hardship in the developed countries, and also ignores the relationship of the extracting economies of the developed world and the "extracted" economies of the "developing" world. Ultimately I found nothing to agree or disagree with, and no enlargement of my maps--just a voodoo argument.

written with good humor!

Manic The Doodler said...

House bill 523: Law of Fives in action!

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@Charles The blog post Scott wrote couldn't be all bad if it inspired your thoughtful comment!

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