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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Can you source the quote?

Robert Anton Wilson. Ready to hold forth, but not always sure he was right. 

Here is an oft-cited quote from Robert Anton Wilson: "If you think you know what the hell is going on, you're probably full of shit." It was used in Boing Boing blog post, and you've probably seen it in other places.

While this sounds like a pithy restatement of the Cosmic Schmuck principle, the folks at the RAW Trust  would like the source of the putative RAW "If you think"  quote. Did it come from a book? An essay? What can it be traced to? If you can help, please say something in the comments.


Chad N. said...

Chaos & Beyond. P43

Chad N. said...

Here's how it looks...its just one of those one page inserts.

Rasa said...

Thanks Chad! We, and the new version of Prometheus Rising, thanks you!!

Chad N. said...

You bet, Rasa! Speaking of PR, I came across an interesting factoid yesterday while reading Cosmic Trigger. RAW documents how Leary's Starseed Signals were 19 fragments and Crowley's Book of the Law was 19 chapters.

My favorite fictional character of his, Schroedinger's Caglisotro, wrote his Aquarian Gospel in 19 chapters (the story behind which sounds like it mimics Crowley's BoL). Knowing all this, I was sure I'd find at least one RAW non fiction book with 19 chapters.

Sure enough, it's PR. Makes sense since all of these 19 part books have to do with transcending the earth-dwelling brain circuits.

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