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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Interesting political pieces

Bryan Caplan 

Bryan Caplan, who wrote a book a few years ago called The Myth of the Rational Voter, doesn't think voters in 2016 have gotten any more rational.  Interesting observations, and not the same old stuff.

A couple of other political pieces that caught my eye: Tyler Cowen examines the Democratic and Republican parties.  He references a Paul Krugman post that's worth a read.

And here is an Amanda Taub Vox piece on the rise of American authoritarianism and how that explains Trump.

Addendum: John Merritt sent me "Open Letter On Donald Trump From GOP National Security Leaders." As much as I dislike Republican national security leaders (I thought maybe the letter would tempt me to vote for Trump), it's hard to argue with many of these criticisms. 


fyreflye said...

Def: "Rational Voter" - anyone who agrees with me.

Rasa said...

"Flesh crawling aside, the actual consequences of a Trump or Sanders presidency remain shrouded."

This is fascinating and a bit strange to see a passionate defender of the middle of the road. My thought is that when giant obstructions block the road, one must choose to swerve left or right (sadly up or down does not seem to be a political option). How you swerve can define your politics, but if you don't swerve, and blindly embrace the obstruction, you eventually become the obstruction - and ta-da! - Beltway politics! This was an interesting article to read for the comments as well. I'm not used to seeing reasoned calm arguments from the right these days. It used to be that you could read William F. Buckley and disagree but you didn't feel intellectually assaulted. Still, how someone can see the Koch brothers as a good check against radical social ideas is downright scary to me (plutocracy is undemocratic by definition) but at lease it seems like the honest explanation I've wanted from the right. From that point of view one can at least better define the issues. - and speaking of which, if you need oligarchy to defend yourself from democracy you might want to refine your political label.

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