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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Libertarians for Trump?

Everybody seems to be talking about Donald Trump these days. Michael Johnson has gone through a whole group of articles about Trump, commenting on them and awarding grades here and here.  (I still like Tyler Cowen's piece.)

Now we have a group called Libertarians for Trump.  I agree with the organizers that foreign policy is important, but I really have trouble seeing Trump as a peacemaker. Jesse Walker seems to be skeptical.  Kevin Carson also begs to differ. 


Dirtydiscordia said...

I like the idea that one can be endorsed as "libertarian" for being slightly more tolerant than Ted Cruz.

Perhaps this Block guy is going for the Discordian Pope approach - every man, woman and child (except Ted Cruz) is an endorsed Libertarian.

I'm also not especially convinced Trump's "anti-war" credentials would last more than 5 minutes given any sort of minor provocation by a foreign power.

Tristan said...

This is Walter 'slavery wasn't so bad' Block.

Funny that Block is generally so anti-initiation of violence, but seems fine with Trump calling for violence against people exercising free speech...