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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

K.P. van der Tempel on Sigils

I have been in Florida on vacation, but while I was away, Oz Fritz posted K.P. van der Tempel's article on sigils at his blog, The Oz Mix. It's another excerpt from the book Pause, Play: A Higher Consciousness Handbook, put out by Anecdota Press, the book publishing imprint I've been trying to get started.


fyreflye said...

What does the word "consciousness" mean? What does "higher" consciousness mean? What objective evidence apart from subjective experience exists for something labeled "consciousness/higher consciousness?"

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@fyreflye, I'll ask Klaas Pieter if he wants to weigh in.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the question fyreflye! Let me expose my ignorance on consciousness.

For starters - I don't have objective evidence for anything, least of all consciousness or its meaning. The word means next to nothing to me. I did put some definitions in the book, banking on the assumption that everyone knows what it means to be conscious. (Not mind: not processing power, sensory input or thought; if anything, the awareness of everything that happens, even when nothing happens).

I also banked on the assumption that my readers have experienced altered states of consciousness. Not everybody knows what "higher" consciousness is like though. "Higher" doesn't mean better. It doesn't mean above. But to me it connotes something deeply spiritual or mystical (more vague words for you). Crazy things happens when you reroute your neural pathways beyond your regular state of mind into a higher or expanded state. You identify with something bigger than yourself. Like god. Or satan. Or a magician who creates sigils that work.

In short: what is consciousness, and what does higher consciousness mean? I have my suspicions, but I don't know for sure. But I want to know, just like you I suppose, so I'm left playing around with them to learn more.

Now I'm curious - what subjective evidence do you have for your own consciousness? :)