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Monday, March 28, 2016

Reminder: Cosmic Trigger reading group begins soon

A quick reminder that the Cosmic Trigger I online reading group will begin here in two weeks, using the new version put out by Hilaritas Press (although the old editions will work most of the time.) More details here. 


Anonymous said...

Hilaritas wants me to buy it from Amazon, which I despise, and Barnes & Noble doesn't have their edition.

Chad N. said...

Anyone want to take a guess at how many different Robert Anton Wilsons there are in Part 1 of the book? I.e. -- The Metaprogrammer, The Shaman, The Skeptic, etc. I counted them and wrote them all down.

I love his use of that technique. I think it quite powerfully reinforces one of the themes that runs throughout the book.

Chad N. said...

...And I'm assuming he's done with them by Part 3, which I'm now on. He didn't do much (if any) of that in Part 2.

fyreflye said...

@supergee Surrender to your karma - buy it from Amazon.