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Sunday, March 20, 2016

What Oz said

Oz Fritz in the recording studio

Oz Fritz, in  the comments in yesterday's blog post:

"I expect we will see multiple biographies, commentaries, and forays into RAW exegesis over time. He seems too large for any one person to completely cover. The full story of RAW, his work and legacy will get pieced together by many people I predict."

I have been thinking along the same lines, and I totally agree with Oz. It's not unusual for important writers to inspire many books, and while I'm not looking for an immediate explosion of books along the lines of all of the tomes written about James Joyce or Ezra Pound or Jane Austen, I think it would be perfectly normal for many books to be written about RAW. In the meantime, we still have one to read, Eric Wagner's tome.

It's also not hard to imagine many books being written on particular topics that RAW focused upon, such as How the Hippies Saved Physics: Science, Counterculture, and the Quantum Revival by David Kaiser, on the physicists featured in Cosmic Trigger.  That's a quite lovely book on Nick Herbert and many of the others mentioned in Trigger. 

If  you are new to my blog, by the way, and you don't recognize Oz Fritz's name, please check out his fascinating blog. He's a record producer and recording engineer and he meets a lot of interesting people. (From his newest posting: "Iggy Pop came by Greenpoint one day for a few hours to lay down some narration for Giant Robot.  He seemed a little reserved at first ... ")

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