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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hear PQ perform Finnegans Wake

Peter Quadrino

You've read PQ's blogs Finnegans, Wake! and A Building Roam,  you have seen him mentioned many times on this blog, now listen to  him perform a bit from Book III, Chapter 3 of Finnegans Wake, accompanied by music and other voices. The production from the Finnegans Wake reading group in Austin, Texas, where Peter Quadrino lives, is part of the Waywords and Meansigns project, which is attempting to record the entire book; only samples are available now. The player, below, has all of the samples released so far; PQ's is the one that sounds like wind howling at the beginning. Or go here and pick out  the sample you want. Steve "Fly" Pratt is working on the project, too, although a sample from him apparently is not available yet.


michael said...

It's good to hear PQ; he sounds good. And he reads this section like a champ. But the background sound makes it work perfectly. This project, when finished, could be a significant group artwerk.

BTW Tom: thanks for the link/notice the other day on the free will blogspew. I noticed it late last night, catching up.

Bobby Campbell said...

Super awesome!

PQ said...

Wow, many thanks for the prominent mention!

I appreciate the feedback, guys. Been a very challenging but fun experience. Over 2 hours of this stuff. Still working on it (today, in fact), hope to have it all completed soon.