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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Discordian history, and a Discordian Russian blog

Beware of staircases

Adam Gorightly, hard at work unearthing more of the literary history of Discordianism, has a new post up about rare editions of the Principia Discordia, including a Russian edition.

I followed the link from the comment by one "Ivan Zlax" at the bottom of Adam's article, and found a very weird Discordian site from Russia, which I don't understand, even though it is, in fact written in English. "Living in the conditions between staircases is unnatural. Unnatural lifestyle kills." This is from a blog post that apparently criticizes people for having pets. Fortunately, "But, as a rule, before spring comes, when the leeching owners aren’t ready for that, some pets manage to escape the emotional snare and staircases."

My wife makes fun of me because I like Russian music, Russian science fiction, etc., but I'm not quite getting Mr. Zlax. Adam, explain your Russian friends.