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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kevin Birmingham on Ulysses

Kevin Birmingham

Kevin Birmingham is the author of The Most Dangerous Book, a history of James Joyce's Ulysses and the titanic effort that was required to get it published and made widely available to the English-speaking world.  I interviewed him for my books blog at my newspaper.  I brought up Robert Anton Wilson in one question. I was going to reprint the interview here, but I need all the hits I can get to justify working on a books blog at my paper, so please go over there to read it. 


tony smyth said...

Has this idea that Joyce had syphilis attracted much controversy/attention? Its not at all improbable, as JJ was a frequenter of the infamous Monto area of north Dublin before leaving Dublin. In fact one of the later chapters in Ulysses is set there.
I knew this girl when I was at art college (not sexually) who years later was told by her doctor, after a routine blood test, that she had syphilis. She had had no idea, yet had it for years! perhaps the same situation with JJ??

PQ said...

This assertion from Birmingham definitely brought some controversy, the Joyce scholars didn't like it and went after him and his credentials.

Birmingham barely acknowledges it in his book but this was previously asserted in a book called "James Joyce and the Burden of Disease" that also stirred up lots of controversy.

MattBuckland857 said...

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