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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday links

Hellblazer excerpt, see below

Long interview with Iain M. Banks comes to light.  Hat tip, John Merritt. I think maybe, by the way, Mr. Banks was unfamiliar with left libertarians in the U.S.

Article on worker-owned co-ops. John again, who comments, "One side of libertarianism that's almost totally ignored by suit-and-tie 'Libertarians.' The 'Lief Erickson' in "Illuminates!" is also one."

Kurt Vonnegut grading his own work. 

"You people have been readin' too much Robert Anton Wilson." (From an issue of "Hellblazer," I don't have a citation for which one yet.) UPDATE: Federico Erostarbe, who Tweeted this, says it ran in issue No. 86, "in Eddie Campbell's short run (85-88)."

More Justin Raimondo on Rand Paul. Odd to see Justin denouncing libertarian sectarians, as he often is sectarian.

Hiding your data from the government. Earlier, I posted Julia Angwin's advice on how to do that.  

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