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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cosmic Trigger play to California?

Daisy Eris Campbell, fresh from her triumph mounting the Cosmic Trigger play in England, is looking at California as a location to bring her production to the U.S., according to an email sent out by Richard Rasa, who seems to run the official Robert Anton Wilson website.

Text of his email, sent out, 6:08 p.m. Pacific Standard Time Jan. 17:

Subject: Help Bring RAW’s "Cosmic Trigger the Play" to the States!

Help Bring RAW’s Cosmic Trigger the Play to the States!

I’ve been communicating with Daisy Eris Campbell about bringing her Cosmic Trigger the Play to the states. As Project Coordinator for the Robert Anton Wilson Trust, I have a lot of motivation, but I don’t really have the right contacts to help Daisy out. If anyone out there wants to help, or knows of others in the theater, event promotion or Lasagna-Gravity-Defying fields who would like to help bring this wonderful production to the states, please write back!

Daisy just wrote:

"Yes, my feeling is to aim for San Francisco or California, and ideally to do something similar to what we did in Liverpool, i.e. create a festival of Bob and his ideas- with speakers, films, bookstall, art gallery etc. This proved a fantastic way to gather all the right people together to see the show and create a genuine happening - it's all about Finding the Others!"

Check out the play’s website:

Please Help Daisy Find the Others!

Keep the Lasagna Flying!

RAW Project Coordinator
The Offices of The MGT. -
The Robert Anton Wilson Trust

(This email is going out to members of Bob’s original GroupMind email list, as well as selected others, mostly in California. There is probably a bit of duplication in lists, so I apologize if you get an extra copy.)

1 comment:

fyreflye said...

Yes, bring it to California - not square, crowded Ellay but to San Francisco, where all freeks gather. Even better, if Daisy needs a cheaper venue bring it to Sonoma County, 60 miles north of SF and home to innumerable old hippies who read RAW in their youth. The rest of the country doesn't deserve it. The Green Music Center could handle it.