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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Tips on listening to Bach

I plan to spend a lot of time this year listening to Bach. I'll listen a lot to some of my other favorites, too, such as Beethoven, Mozart, Prokofiev and Shostakovich. But for them, and for some composers I like, such as the Russian Futurists, I feel relatively up to speed. I've heard all of the Beethoven symphonies, for example, all of the string quartets, all of the piano sonatas. I've missed many of the most important Bach works, and I plan to fix that.

To that end, the updated Gramophone list of the 50 best Bach recordings seems useful, not just for suggestions on specific recordings, but to get a sense of what the major works are, so that you can explore other recordings. (I already have some favorite artists Gramophone's list doesn't seem to mention.) Gramophone has similar lists for Mozart and for Beethoven. 


Eric Wagner said...

Good for you. I plan to focus on Beethoven this year. This week I plan to focus on the String Quartet, Op. 95

Eric Wagner said...

1721 saw the completion of Bach's Brandenburg Concerti as well as history's first public inoculation campaign. Dr. Zabadiel Boylston of Harvard gave a smallpox vaccine to his own son (and to his slave and his slave's son).