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Friday, January 28, 2022

An encounter with Robert Anton Wilson

Aleister Crowley in 1929, later the target of a seance attempt in Boulder, Colorado

After Lauren Modery asked on Twitter, "Tell me the strangest interaction you've had with a celebrity," Anders Lankford described an unusual encounter with Robert Anton Wilson, in Boulder, Colorado, in the late 1980s. (Source).

"Also, when I was 16, I participated in a murder mystery party with the author Robert Anton Wilson where we had a seance to raise Aleister Crowley, and failed to provide his spirit with real cocaine. Afterwards, I led the group to a Chili's

"I swear this is true.

"If I remember correctly, the 'real' cocaine was baking soda and the "fake" cocaine was flour or powdered sugar. Mr. Wilson lounged on a couch the entire night answering questions and probably tripping on acid and denying the existence of Peru.

"This was probably because of the guy whose assigned character was from Peru and he decided to embrace the character and so he introduced himself as the king of Peru.

"The radio occasionally stopped playing music for 'news breaks' that had this whole story arc about Atlantis rising. As I recall, that's why we needed Crowley so we could stop the Atlanteans.  but we screwed u the cocaine and he turned us into toads.

"And then chili's. After Chili's a very nice couple drove me home and offered me a snoot of actual cocaine which i politely declined.

"Anyway, it was a very weird way to spend Suunday night.

"Did I mention this was Boulder, CO in the late 80s?  Yeah, it all makes sense now, doesn't it?"

Anders Lankford is in Broomfield, Colorado, and describes himself as follows: "Writer of comedy. Mostly sketch comedy. Also: Trekkie, he/him, dog lover, esperantist, leftwinged idealist, and cynical as a result."

Lauren Modery Twitter bio. 

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Rarebit Fiend said...

Real, "real," or fake, cocaine is a better decongestant than an entheogen.