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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Natural Law's cover art

On Twitter, the RAW Semantics Twitter account says, "Excellent cover for the new Hilaritas Press edition of RAW's 'Natural Law'  (by  @amoebadesign I believe)."

Yes, it was done by @amoebadesign, Scott McPherson, and as Rasa remarks, it references a RAW quote, "Every perception is a gamble, in which we see part, not all, (to see all requires omniscience) and 'fill in' or project a convincing hologram out of minimal clues. We all intuitively know the obvious and correct answer to the Zen koan, 'Who is the Master who makes the grass green?' "

I remarked to Scott on Twitter that Chad Nelson and I both admire the cover and thought it seemed like a departure from his previous covers, and he remarked, "Aye, this one is aimed at the general public and wellness mob ;)  it's meant to look like an appealing  book you would see in the Sunday papers.... it's a trojan horse design ;)  meant to suck you in.....

"Going for the non RAW fans with this one  .... the gateway drug I call it."

I remarked, "Yes, it kind of reaches out to the unconverted, doesn't it? I thought it was a really good collection. I suspect many RAW fans will like it, but I also hope it reaches other people, and you've contributed to that cause."

Scott replied, "The content is king ;) doing that type design style cover helps get it through to unsuspecting types I'm hoping ;)"

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