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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Happy RAW birthday, new interview

Today is Robert Anton Wilson's birthday, and Martin Wagner at Robert Anton Wilson Fans Germania celebrates by posting an interview from late in RAW's life, "Throwing Shoes Down The Rabbit Hole With Robert Anton Wilson, An Interview by Rev. Dr. Shé D’Monford," giving answers that mostly are not terribly serious. A couple of Q and A's: 

I wouldn’t put it past you to do that or at least create a rumour that you have. However, we can lay one rumour to bed here and that is: ‘Robert Anton Wilson is dead’… In fact he is still ‘really living!’ Apart from living, what are you doing now?

Wilson: Teaching courses online through the Maybe Logic Academy. That’s at

What is your aim with the online school?

Wilson: To use Internet to accelerate evolution and of course to annoy people who already think evolution has reached its peak.

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