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Sunday, January 16, 2022

YouTube course on Prometheus Rising

 Eric Wagner's excellent post last week for the Prometheus Rising online discussion group drew a bunch of comments, including one from Spookah that shared some news I had never run across before: An online course on Prometheus Rising hosted by YouTube, presented by the Virtual Reality Mystery School. 

"The Virtual Reality Mystery School (re)connects people with the world’s heritage of spiritual, esoteric and mystical philosophy and practice, through a sharable VR experience. From ancient wisdom to modern science’s cutting edge, to make the most of now," the About section explains.  

There's a playlist of 18 different videos

"This series started out as a group-reading and discussion but quickly turned into a fully fledged course on RAW's classic work 'Prometheus Rising'.

"This series was created by and recorded at VR Mystery School ( and contains:

"- The full text of Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

"- Dissection of the subject matter by Alley Wurds (, Bachelor of Philosophy & expert on RAW's eight-circuit model

"- Questions from & discussion with the audience"

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