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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

RAW on Ubuweb


I have long been a fan of Ubuweb, the Internet archive for avant garde films, music, writing and art, although it hasn't much material relating to Robert Anton Wilson. Now, however, the site is hosting a two-hour film of RAW being interviewed by Richard Metzger and Genesis P-Orridge for a show called The Infinity Factory. Lots of trippy special effects. The interview dates from 1997, when RAW came to New York City to deliver the Korzybski lecture at the Harvard Club. 

There are other new items on Ubuweb that might be of interest to RAW fans: 

Infinity Factory interview with Genesis P-Orridge.

"Surreal news footage of Pound strolling around Paris, narration in French."

"A private performance by John Cage realizing his 'Writing For The Fifth Time Through Finnegans Wake' in three ways: reading, singing, and whispering using I-Ching chance-operation: Chinese fortune-telling."

"Maya Deren, 'Witch's Cradle' (1943). Sketches for an unfinished silent film about witchcraft, filmed at Peggy Guggenheim's NYC gallery, with Duchamp cameo."

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quackenbush said...

This was my favorite interview that almost never was. Meaning it was circulating on "real player" format years and years ago, but that player had died and I couldn't figure out how to reformat it. Joe Matheny and I chatted about this years ago. It surfaced on YouTube a while back. So glad to see it making the rounds ago. I would put this in my top 10 RAW Interviews.