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Sunday, May 2, 2021

RAW reviews the McKennas


On Twitter, Erik Davis reproduces a 1976 book review in the Berkeley Barb, and I in turn share it with you here. Erik writes, "Robert Anton Wilson reviews the McKennas' Magic Mushroom Growers Guide in the Berkeley Barb, 1976." (Follow Erik on Twitter, and the Twitter account links to his Substack.)

In the review, RAW complains about the price but otherwise gives it a favorable review, saying that it provides a way to "avoid the hazards of the black market." He also has a recommendation: "The only thing wrong with this book, aside from the price, is that they forgot to mention you should always absolutely in every case whatever the circumstances play Beethoven's Ninth during the third hour of the mushroom experience. With earphones and your eyes closed. Then o dearly beloved may you find the Gold of the Philosophers, the Stone of the Wise, the Medicine of Metals, the Rosy Cross, True Wisdom and Perfect Happiness, Io Pan Io Pangenitor Io Panphage Hagios Hagios Hagios IAO."

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