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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Maybe Day 2021: Bobby Campbell strikes back!


[Last year, Bobby Campbell organized a series of Maybe Day activities for July 23 and they were a big success. If you go to Bobby's Maybe Day website, you can still download the excellent New Trajectories zine Bobby put together and get other goodies, such as Mike Gathers' publication on the Eight Circuit model. And considering all of the great things our British friends have been doing, it was gratifying to see American RAW fans step up. And I really felt Mr. Campbell deserved a lot of credit. 

Now Bobby has returned with an announcement: Maybe Day is back! Below are a few words from Bobby. -- The Management.]

"...and being humus the same roturns."

JJ, FW, Pg. 8

MAYBE DAY 2021 is a virtual celebration of the lives and ideas of Robert Anton Wilson.

There will be a maybe logical bonanza of content that goes live on July 23rd 8:08 AM EST at

We'll be putting together another edition of the NEW TRAJECTORIES zine, a collection of video presentations, a live panel discussion,

and whatever else we dream up in the meanwhile!

Please LMK if you'd like to contribute in any variety of ways :)))

I've set up a discussion thread to help facilitate communication & collaboration:,39131.0.html

You can contact me there or at

Approximate deadline for submitting zine content is July 1st

& July 15th for video presentations.

Also! In the spirit of Discordians sticking apart, do please feel free & encouraged to create & post Maybe Day content using your own ways and means.

A decentralized and self-organizing Maybe Day would be just the thing to keep the lasagna flying onward and upward to ever greater glory.