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Monday, September 7, 2020

Leary's 'Starseed Transmissions' and Reich and Lilly, too

With the impending publication of Robert Anton Wilson's "lost" Starseed Signals book by Hilaritas Press, it is interesting to read this 1974 article from Gnostica obtained by Martin Wagner, "Angels and Extra-Terrestrials." We'll soon see how much of an overlap there is between the article and the book. 

Among other bits -- there's a lot of offbeat stuff, even for a RAW article -- there's a summary of the interstellar messages Timothy Leary received in prison and this paragraph:

As for the possibility that all this is auto-suggestion, Dr. Leary typically states this without back-tracking a bit on the mind-blowing implications of the message: “If the Starseed transmissions are hallucinations, it does not matter. Since they are the most logical and practical and optimistic hallucinations available, they can be accepted and acted upon until more amusing, hopeful hypotheses come along.”

More here. 


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Eric Wagner said...

Thank you, Martin and Tom. Starseed signals still on the way.