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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

'Starseed' finished, out everywhere soon

Expect to learn a lot about Timothy Leary in the new RAW book 

I asked Rasa, who runs Hilaritas Press, what had happened to The Starseed Signals: Link Between Worlds, the new "lost" Robert Anton Wilson book, and he explained the book is finished and will be available everywhere soon.

Here is Rasa's statement:

"We never know if some last minute detail will demand an extra week or so of time to resolve, so we are very reluctant to give exact dates, but we have ordered a proof of the completed book, and if it looks okay, it usually only takes a day or two for the book to become available at all the online outlets after we give the approval. HOWEVER, because of the pandemic, Ingram, our printer/distributor, has been experiencing long delays. It could take as long as two weeks for us to get that proof we requested five days ago."

I have learned more about the book (which I can't share just yet) and it seems very promising, so I look forward to comparing notes with everyone in a few days.


Eric Wagner said...

"'Starseed" finished, out everywhere soon" sounds like a wonderful message from Sirius. (And deeper still, the Mothership Connection.)

Eric Wagner said...

22 days until the Tim Leary centennial.

Anonymous said...

Such welcome news. I come here hoping for an update every day.

Anonymous said...

Rasa, if you’re reading this can you at least show us the cover art to tide us over?