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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Latest from Bobby Campbell, and John Higgs


A couple of new items that will be of interest to RAW fans.

Above, Bobby Campbell artwork, Bobby explains (on Twitter), "New commission! CAGLIOSTRO THE GREAT from  @RAWilson23's Schrodinger's Cat :)))" I have Bobby's art hanging on my walls, follow the link for more information. 

I also just listened to the new podcast interview with John Higgs by the comedian Young Southpaw.  I've have listened to or read quite a few interviews with Higgs (and done a couple myself) and this is a particularly good interview that discusses Robert Anton Wilson, Aleister Crowley, the magicians' war against Hitler, James Bond and other topics of interest. The last few minutes focuses on the rock group Iron Maiden. John is apparently a heavy metal fan as well as a Beatles fan. 

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HC said...

Dear Bobby and Tom,

Appreciate all you do.