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Friday, September 4, 2020

Announcement: Prometheus Rising exercise and discussion group

With the conclusion of the Nature's God reading group a few weeks ago, it's time to talk about which book we'll be concentrating on next. The next one will be Prometheus Rising, and after discussing the matter with Eric Wagner, I have agreed to take a new approach.

The group will begin on Oct. 12, Crowleymas, a date that has been chosen to give everyone time to get on board by obtaining a copy of the text. As with past discussions, the preferred text will be the Hilaritas Press edition. There will be blog posts by Gregory Arnott, Eric Wagner and by me, although I am also open to guest posts. As per usual, there will be blog posts with everyone invited to post comments. 

Some details probably remain to be hashed out. But the unusual feature and the departure from previous practice is that we will take 23 months to get through the book, using a schedule proposed by Eric that spends six months on the first chapter and then takes a faster but still deliberate pace for the rest of the book. Robert Anton Wilson recommended doing the exercises rather than simply reading the text, and the idea of an extended schedule is for everyone to work on the exercises. After hearing Eric's explanation, I was intrigued and agreed to give it a go.

Tomorrow I will have a guest post from Eric that further explains the new approach, and if you have questions or thoughts comments remain open, although unfortunately I have had to moderate the comments for years to keep out the "when you are in India, use our prostitutes" spam that Google apparently makes no effort to block. 


Charles Murray said...

Have you found any quarters yet? (Exercise 1, p. 28) With the pandemic fewer people have change to lose. We could make it: "Have you found any facemasks?" "Selective attention" or "mystical hypothesis"

Eric Wagner said...

I suspect people still drop quarters. We can always keep looking for quarters as we continue the book.

Bard 2B Wild said...

I have no prostitutes to offer but I've gotta say a two-year discussion of a book seems too long of a commitment for me. But, I'm willing to give it a go (and I'll apologize if I drop out before the end).

Eric Wagner said...

I did find a dime and a penny yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Great news! I am really looking forward to this, since it is one of my most favourite books.