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Friday, January 25, 2019

Swedish translation of Illuminatus!

Pelle Lindhe contacted me recently to explain that a Swedish translation of Illuminatus! is in the works and will be published soon. Lindhe is the translator.

"The publisher is Vertigo Förlag, a small independent publisher who keep the complete works of our beloved Marquise in print. In Swedish of course. Also other erotica classics and a lot of classic horror as well, including Meyrink, Lovecraft and Poe," Lindhe tells me.

I was curious whether H.P. Lovecraft and James Joyce are available in Swedish. "Lovecraft is translated entirely into Swedish, as well as Poe to my knowledge. Joyce came out rescently (Ulysses), although I consider him virtually impossible to translate. But Erik Andersson, who also made a new translation of Tolkien's ring, seem to have made a proper job according to reviews, I haven't read it in Swedish myself," Lindhe told me.

"We're planning to get the book out before the big book fair in Gothenburg in late September," Lindhe reports.

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