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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Greg Hill and the Psychedelic Venus Church

Greg Hill's Psychedelic Venus Church membership card, from the Discordian Archives.

Adam Gorightly has a new blog post up cowritten with Mike Marinacci at Historia Discordia documenting a countercultural connection between Greg Hill and the Sexual Freedom League: "The Discordian Society Meets the Psychedelic Venus Church."

"During the late 1960s and early-70s, the Discordian Society’s own Greg Hill interacted with a wide range of counterculture figures, including such luminaries as Rev. Jefferson Fuck Poland, co-founder of the Sexual Freedom League (SFL)," the article explains.

Poland apparently is still alive, according to this Wikipedia article.

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Adam Gorightly said...

No, wikipedia is wrong about Poland still being alive. Mike Marinacci actually has his ashes and plans some type of permanent memorial for Poland at some point. (Think I'm relating this correctly per a recent convo with Mike.) Poland has been dead several years now, I believe, and part of the problem with the reporting of his death is that he lived under different alias for many years. (Maybe).