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Thursday, October 4, 2018

RAW cover art, the evolution

Scott McPherson, the wonderful Scottish cover artist for the new Hilaritas Press editions of RAW's work, recently posted some rejected early covers for three titles on his Twitter account, @amoebadesign. Here they are, with the final covers for comparison: 

Prometheus Rising

Earlier proposed version of Prometheus Rising cover

Final Prometheus Rising cover for Hilaritas Press

Cosmic Trigger

Early cover concept for Cosmic Trigger

Final Cosmic Trigger cover

Quantum Psychology

Early Quantum Psychology cover

Final Quantum Psychology cover 

I guess he probably made the right call (I have no information on the possible back and forth with Rasa, who obviously also is a talented artist). But I really like that early Prometheus Rising cover! 

The covers, including the alternate versions, would make a pretty cool art exhibition, and also might work as prints. 


Jesse said...

I'm with you on Prometheus Rising—nothing against the cover they ended up using, but I think I like the earlier one better.

Inigo Montoya said...

Interesting! Well, I think Hilaritas made great choices. I like the final versions way better.