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Friday, August 3, 2018

Starting this month: Eric Wagner's online reading group

Eric Wagner (Facebook profile photo) 

Eric Wagner's online reading group, to discuss Joseph Kernan's The Beethoven Quartets (and listen to the quartets) will begin August 13. Eric's "Prelude" reminding you about the group will post on August 6, but I also wanted to remind everyone to hunt up a copy of the book. I already have my library copy checked out.

Robert Anton Wilson was very interested in Beethoven (see for example the "Beethoven as Information" essay in The Illuminati Papers), so this is another opportunity to explore RAW's influences and ideas.

Eric is the author of An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson. Sources report he is also a basketball fan.


Eric Wagner said...

Ah, basketball obsessed me in the 1980’s when the NBA had 23 teams.

Oz Fritz said...

I received my copy of the book yesterday.

Eric Wagner said...

Glad to hear that, Oz.