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Friday, August 31, 2018

Robert Anton Wilson's 'Wild sex freaks'

One of the illustrations from "Wild Sex Freaks of History."

Martin Wagner has uncovered yet another (probable) Robert Anton Wilson piece, "Wild Sex Freaks of History."

For context, this is one of his "schlock" pieces (see this essay, "The Anatomy of Schlock"), but as Martin points out, the article does have this rather Wilsonian observation: "While some of these sexual eccentrics are distinctly ugly and even dangerous, some of them, there is no denying, are rather attractive, and history would have been duller without their presence. Except for those of sadistic inclination, these people did less harm that the average politician; and even the sadists actually caused less bloodshed than many an idealistic statesman. Although we could do without another Messalina, it is to be hoped that the future will not cease to provide Cleopatras and Eleanors."

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Jesse said...

He does explicitly say in "Anatomy of Schlock" that he wrote this one. (Or at least that he "produced" it.)