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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Notes and links

Photo by Rick Proctor on Unsplash

Years after Robert Anton Wilson's adventures with the Guns and Dope Party, marijuana legalization is making inroads in much of the U.S. So far, it's been mostly on the east and west coasts, but as my article reports, Michigan will consider legalization this fall. My article also offers a snapshot of the current state of legalization across the U.S.

PQ, seeking distraction from the strain of being a Mets fan, reports that Finnegans Wake has possible references to baseball. 

Tyler Cowen is about to publish a new book, Stubborn Attachments "Think of this book — due out in October — as my attempt to defend and explain why a free society is objectively better in terms of ethics, political philosophy, and economics.  No punches are pulled, this is my account of what I strongly believe you should believe too.  My bottom lines, so to speak."

Memoir of Wayne Kramer. His band, the MC5, is mentioned in Illuminatus!

Love at 23rd sight. Via Daniel Duvall on Twitter. 

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