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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cosmic Trigger play news

Daisy Eris Campbell

1. Don't forget that tickets are on sale for the Cosmic Trigger play run in London, England, May 4 to May 27. Buy now to get £15 tickets. 

2. Daisy Eris Campbell and company are putting out a one-off fanzine to coincide with the play.
From Daisy's announcement:

We are on the hunt for treasure from across our mycelium network — the call is already out to the Wizards of Hebden Bridge, Popes of Liverpool, Cows of Newcastle and Mandrills of Northampton and Brighton.

Do YOU have any articles, favourite pithy quotes, RAW aphorisms, bits of weird art/cut 'n' paste, or anything YOU would want to see in such a beast?  

We'll be assembling it in an old-school cut and paste workshop (y'know, with glue and scalpels), so if you could send in your submissions by Monday 13th March to Aleister Crowley (aka Tom Baker) at — that would be magick.