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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

'At all, at all'

[Thought I'd share something interesting Richard Rasa posted on Facebook, including the meme, above. -- The Management.]

RAW liked to use the phrase "at all, at all," at the end of a sentence. I always wondered about this, and assumed that RAW borrowed the usage from living in Ireland, but I wondered further if the phrase had a deeper meaning for him based on some quantum variable, or some magikal process, or some Sirius connection, or was it his love of the unpredictable nature of Irish-English? Anyone brighter than me have a thought on this?

In Email to the Universe Bob writes, "The rest of us speak dry prose, the Irish speak playful poetry,"


"I would prefer to describe all-other-English as belonging to what Neurolinguistic therapist Dr. Richard Bandler calls the meta-model (statements we can logically judge as true or false), and Irish English as belonging to the Milton-model (statements not containable in true-false logic but capable of seducing us into sudden new perceptions)."

Was Bob's use of "at all, at all" just his love of the Irish thought process, or did it also fit into some other part of his philosophy?

Some examples . . .
All through this “education” we find ourselves bombarded by organized religion. Most religions, in this part of the world also teach us “one correct answer,” which we should accept with blind faith; worse, they attempt to terrorize us with threats of post-mortem roasting, toasting, boiling, broiling, charbroiling and freedomfrying if we ever dare to think at all, at all. - Email to the Universe
Actually, it started with two old codgers named O’Brian and Nolan discussing the weather. “Terrible rain and wind for this time of year,” O’Brian ventured. “Ah, faith,” Nolan replied, “I do not believe it is this time of year at all, at all.” - Email to the Universe
"We may be approaching this matter from the wrong angle entirely. 'Bob’ is treating Kong as a creature in biology, which is emphatically what the Big fellow is not at all, at all. Kong is a creature in mythology, in um ah er the collective unconscious." - Email to the Universe
Look at the Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. They never do any Scientific Investigation at all, at all. Why? My guess is that, like the Inquisitors who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope, they have a deep fear that such research might upset their dogmas. - Email to the Universe
The number of universes perceived by human beings does not equal the population of the planet, but several times the population of the planet. It thus appears some sort of miracle that we sometimes find it possible to communicate with each other at all, at all. - Quantum Psychology
Scientists have used quantum theory for 90 years in some form or other, for 70 years in its (allegedly) complete form, and have not found any evidence for Hidden Variables at all, at all. - Quantum Psychology

— Richard Rasa on Facebook