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Friday, September 18, 2015

Meet Bobby Campbell at Small Press Expo!

Top, some of Bobby's latest; bottom, the RAW tribute magazine.

Your favorite and mine, Bobby Campbell, will be occupying one of the tables at the Small Press Expo this weekend in Bethesda, Maryland.  ("The Small Press Expo is North America’s premiere independent cartooning and comic arts festival. SPX brings together more than 4,000 cartoonists and comic arts enthusiasts every fall in Bethesda, Maryland." Sounds pretty good!)

Mr. Campbell reports: "I'll be at table G14 w/ numerous stacks of comix (Including a RAW tribute magazine a bunch of us Maybe Logic critters put together several years ago!)"

Also, special discount for RAWIllumination readers (and, OK, everyone else). "All my comixology comix are on sale for 50% off using the code 'SPX'."

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