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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lew Rockwell defends Jeremy Corbyn

Lew Rockwell

In light of yesterday's blog post, the one about the famous political scientist who says that all libertarians are a buncha gun totin' warmongers, every last one of them, I thought some of our British friends, and perhaps others, too, might be interested in this Lew Rockwell blog post defending Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the British Labour Party. It's a short post, so I'll reproduce it here in full:

The British media have been flipping out for some time over the Labour leadership contest. The Tory press was advising the opposition that Jeremy Corbyn, if elected, would hurt the opposition. It’s an idiot argument, of course, since they want to hurt the opposition. Is it because Corbyn, who won in a landslide, is a socialist? No, since Conservative corporatism is anti-free market, too. Is it because he’s bad on the “migrants”? So is the whole establishment. It’s because he openly advocates ideas that are supposed to be suppressed: get rid of the immoral Trident nuclear missiles; get out of all the wars, no matter what the US and Israel want; put Tony Blair on trial for war crimes; be friendly with all peoples, even Russians and Palestinians. He doesn’t like the EU or NATO, either. Unlike Bernie, a warmonger, Jeremy is a man of peace. Suppose we can trade?

If you don't recognize the name, Rockwell is a hardcore libertarian, associated with the hardcore Ludwig von Mises Institute. I'm sure he'd consider me too moderate, practically a socialist or something.

Incidentally, this points up something interesting about the U.S. presidential race — there's been very little discussion about foreign policy, at least among Democratic politicians. I covered Hillary Clinton's speech in Cleveland for my paper a few weeks ago, and she spoke never mentioned foreign affairs once, even though she is the former secretary of state.

Sorry about all of the political BS.  Normal programming resumes tomorrow.

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