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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ian 'Cat' Vincent's RAW talk now online

Ian 'Cat' Vincent

Ian 'Cat' Vincent's talk on Robert Anton Wilson at Treadwell's is now online for those of us who could not make it to London, so I sat down and watched it. It's a very good talk, focusing on Vincent's particular interest in magick, but also generally covering Wilson's philosophy. It's in two parts, about one  hour for the talk and about 15 minutes for a question and answer session.

For context and Mr. Vincent's other doings, see this blog post. 

Lots of other interesting-looking stuff at his website.

Trivia about Mr. Vincent (from the Internet Movie Database): "Was the basis of the character 'Romanov' in Diana Wynne Jones' novel 'The Merlin Conspiracy' (2003)."

If the magick side of RAW is your particular interest, follow Cat on Twitter (and follow Ted Hand).

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