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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cosmic Trigger and other links

Emperor Norton I

With the Cosmic Trigger play looming, you can now listen to parts of the book on Soundcloud being read to you.  Part one is read by Jonathan Sellers, director of antiquities for the Illuminati (no, I don't know how you acquire that title.) Part two is Josh Darcy, an actor in the Cosmic Trigger play.

Julian Sanchez on the failure of the NSA reform bill. 

Bill Drummond on five lessons he learned from Ken Campbell.  You have to read this. Apparently, Yoko Ono decided not to appear in the Illuminatus! stage play.

New John Higgs book, but you probably can't read it right away.

William Gibson's favorite books.

Kickstarter for Emperor Norton documentary.


fyreflye said...

Seems like I've read all but the Womack book, an overlook I must correct soon.
I'm especially happy to see The Stars My Destination get recognition. It's long been my almost favorite SF novel.
And The Alteration is not a "lost"
alternate history novel - it was reissued
a couple of years ago as a New York Review of Books publication and is even available on Kindle.

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