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Friday, October 17, 2014

Work in Progress by Nick Herbert

Work in Progress

Nick Herbert

Come for the lunch
And stay for the tantra:
Taking new chances
In life-and-death dances
With creatures
That you barely know.

Come for the truth
And stay for the magic:
Share drugs and kisses,
Hesitations, near misses
With seekers
You meet in the flow.

Come for the sex
Stay for quantum reality:
Learn tricks of attention
In half-sensed dimensions
From teachers
Whose lessons explode.

This poem is from Dr. Herbert's blog, Quantum Tantra, which I have mentioned more than a few times in this space. When I wrote to him and asked for permission to reprint the poem, he sent me a kind reply. "Any friend of Bob's is a friend of mine," he wrote.

You can learn more about Dr. Herbert by reading one of his books (such as Quantum Reality); you can also read about him in How the Hippies Saved Physics See also the official website and this interview. 

Incidentally, when this poem was first posted on Dr. Herbert's blog, Rudy Rucker popped up in the comments and helped Dr. Herbert revise the last stanza.