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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

'United States of Paranoia' now in paperback

Jesse Walker

Author Jesse Walker is also a Reason magazine blogger and editor, a pundit who sometimes appears on TV, a libertarian and a peace activist. He lives in Baltimore. 

His latest tome, The United States of Paranoia, has just appeared in paperback. As Jesse notes, the new edition has been augmented with a new afterword that discussed the age of Edward Snowden. "So the book is now both longer and cheaper, and it's easier to carry around too," Walker notes. (The ebook text has been expanded, too.) He also points out that it has received good reviews from prestigious publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Publishers Weekly, the Globe and Mail, the Boston Globe, etc.

Of course, the prestigious blog has endorsed the book, too, noting that its focus on conspiracy theories and its chapter on how Robert Anton Wilson made use of them should interest many RAW fans. See my interview with Jesse for more information. 

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