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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Groupname for Grapejuice on Hermetic Anarchism

Groupname for Grapejuice, one of the best blogs out there, has a post up, "Hermetic Anarchism and Othering the Other 1," stressing the role of the imagination in liberation. I'm looking forward to Part Two.

His post reminded me a bit of one of my Illuminatus! online reading blog posts, about the section in which Simon Moon talks to his parents about freedom. On page 62 of Illuminatus! Simon Moon says, "You're both wrong. Freedom won't come through Love, and it won't come through Force. It will come through the Imagination."

Znore says he'll reference RAW when he does his followup article. I've referred, above, to his blog, but what he writes are not so much "blog posts" as thoughtful articles, copiously illustrated. Check him out.

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