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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Saturday links

Mike Gunderloy's legacy

RAW on Finnegans Wake

 Factsheet Five Archive Project

The danger of "misinformation" bans. 

How magicians are fighting Putin. 

When police found less than an ounce of marijuana, and arrested 70 people. 

The greatest piano sonatas? 


Oz Fritz said...

Thank-you for linking to the article about magicians fighting Putin. I support magically cursing Putin though don't pursue that avenue myself as I wish to avoid possible direct contact with any dark force or forces behind him. I would like to see the war stop immediately by any means necessary including what Lindsay Graham called a Brutus moment, referring to Imperial Roman history, though that kind of termination appears unlikely. The quickest way it seems to me: ask Putin what he needs to stop the combat then figure out how to appease him and go from there. Zelensky sometimes sounds like he moves in that direction. I am aware of others making magical efforts intending to ease the situation, but not by attacking Putin.

JCG said...

The Factsheet 5 project looks very promising!